About Tami

Tami Kacevas Designs first opened its doors in 2013. 

Tami is a Graphic Artist and Web Designer and Developer. She is an expert in Branding and has a wide background in Marketing Strategies and Social Media Marketing.

What we do...we do it for you. 

That’s what drives the impact of our projects – increasing our client’s brand presence.

Tami K. Designs was created to help businesses find their identity and build their brand to improve their success. 

What makes us special

  1. Custom made designs- Including your Social Media Posts

  2.  A la Carte Services-  Pick and Choose what you need

  3. Language Friendly- We use language you understand

  4. Lasting Relationships- You'll never feel alone in the process

  5. Technical Support- As Long as you need it

  6. Knowledgeable- Nobody knows it all. But we know enough

  7. Working Together- We partner with you to get the best results

  8. No Long Term Contracts- Cancel anytime

  9. Personal Customer Service- Always talk to the same person

  10. Emergency response - Need it fast? No extra charge for help

Tami Kacevas has a contagious passion for what she does. If she is teaching, organizing events, designing, or planning a marketing campaign, her heart and attentions are fully focused and engaged. She drove her business to success in less than 3 years and helped many other businesses reach their potential.


Under Tami's Management, no matter what service you hire us to do, we will research your industry, learn your competitors, and apply the best practices of design and marketing to better promote your business, and engage potential clients to understand why they need you. 


Tami strives to designs Marketing Tools that are "masterpieces" .

At Tami K. Designs we create designs that are meaningful. 

Educating our clients from brainstorming to product production, eases the process and promises success.

Tami has a wide background in Marketing and provides support and advise to her clients regarding the complex world of marketing.


Tami believes in long- term relationships and that is how she made Tami K. Designs succeed. She relies in her clients to be the best proof for her talent and passion.

Tami is a creative and passionate designer. She has acquired profound knowledge in design and she is always looking forward to learn more. 

Tami strives to offer creative solutions for businesses to be bold and successful creating meaningful designs that resonate. 

Because we care. We consider your business our own. We work hard to make sure we are able to offer you all the tools for your business to succeed. We believe in creative custom made designs. We strive to educate our clients to know how the process of design works and we offer all the services from brainstorming to publishing.

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Tami strongly believes in long-term with her clients. She offers help and assistance for as long as her clients need it. Her vast background in Design, Project Management, and Marketing allows her to be a great advisor for strategical business development and growth. Please feel free to contact her directly if you have any questions on concerns.